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08 Jan 2019

YOL / LLOYD / POSSET - Basement Tapes (Chocolate Monk, CDr)

Latest missive to pass through these ears from YOL and Posset. The Lloyd in question as well as adding to the soup appears also to be the instigator for this meeting of minds. That maybe sounds a little gentile to describe the cacophony that ensues. Anyways, here are 5 tracks - bouts of vocal olympics with each athlete gurgling, enunciating and choking their way to gold. Posset brings his dictaphone to the fore then the voices start up again. Interplay between dictaphone, YOL and percussive sounds is as captivating as ever. Sounds are treated like cut up harshness then just as suddenly everything is more restrained. I'm biased but this is a group that I would like to hear more from. I can only imagine the scene those summers nights. Chocolate Monk have done a nice job with this as well. Classy double sided printing. Good job.