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#090 Vile Plumage And The Burselm Community Players | Who Will Hold You In The Night | C30

by Vile Plumage And The Burselm Community Players


"Cropwell and Duke first met ten years ago at a goth disco, the venue a grey, dreary corporate hotel. Days later Vile Plumage would be recording for the first time. Out on the corner in the snow and bitter cold chanting street names real and imagined. It wasn't long before they were scooped up by local police. Missing persons. Mistaken identity. No real drama. Nothing to worry about. No reason to stop. This tape contains snippets of that recording. Hear the Vile sound as it was and as it is. Includes contributions, curses and catastrophes courtesy of the Burselm Community Radio Players. Thank you for listening."

Edition of 50